We are currently monitoring the progress of Hurricane Irma and encourage you to stay safe.

Please stay safe on the job site and at home; your safety is the most important thing to us. Take all precautions necessary to stay safe.

We will be updating this page with information as often as possible. Please text or call the SOURCE at 844.THE.SOURCE if you have any questions.

To reach I.T., call 727.497.3784.

For property emergencies on the GRID, call Natalie at 727.482.7070.

[9:37 a.m. | Sept. 15]
• All offices are now open and systems are back online. Please contact the SOURCE if you need anything or have any questions. Stay safe!

[5:12 p.m. | Sept. 12]
GRID Update:
• The GRID will be open tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 13). Power has been restored to the campus.
• All systems are expected to be back online at this time.
• Please reach out if you have any questions.

[3:43 p.m. | Sept. 12]
Logistics Update:
• FedEx operations will be in effect in the St. Petersbug area tomorrow. Both Ground and Express pick-ups will be available on the GRID and in the area tomorrow.

[11:46 a.m. | Sept. 12]
PDR Update:
• Due to the storm, the PDR warehouse in Atlanta is currently without power.
• We ask all PDR employees and everyone in the area to please stay safe and be cautious during this outage.

[9:59 a.m. | Sept. 12]
I.T. Update:
• Systems are starting to come back online now. You may begin seeing emails and other notifications pop up at this time. We will have another update for you shortly and thank you all for your continued patience during this time.

[11:01 a.m. | Sept. 11]
Office Closing on Tuesday:
• Though our campus was lucky enough to get through the storm with no major issues or damage, we want our employees to be safe and to be able to focus on recovering from the storm and taking care of their families. Because of this, the GRID will remain closed on Tuesday, Sept. 12.
• The safety of our employees is our number one priority, and we will continue to monitor conditions and provide updates. Please stay safe and be cautious out there.

I.T. Update:
• We are working on bringing I.T. systems back online as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, the "Email Continuity" app is still up and running, as well as PlanGrid.

SOURCE Update:
• We are here for you if you need anything or have any questions. Please contact us (call or text 844.THE.SOURCE) if you need any help or support.

[12:39 p.m. | Sept. 9]
Office Closing on Monday:
• In order to ensure the safety of our employees, the GRID will remain closed on Monday, Sept. 11.
• We are continuing to monitor the storm and will update this site accordingly.

I.T. Updates
• Please note that, due to the storm, most systems may remain offline on Monday and into Tuesday. PlanGrid will remain online and limited email functionality is still available via the "Email Continuity" app.

[2:55 p.m. | Sept. 8]
I.T. Updates
• Limited email functionality is now available via the "Email Continuity" app on Okta.
Click here to view the user guide.

[10:32 p.m. | Sept. 7]
I.T. Updates
• All I.T. systems are now offline. Please check here for future updates.

[4:03 p.m. | Sept. 7]
Office Closing:
• The GRID will be closed and locked beginning at 7 p.m. today. All I.T. systems will also be offline at that time.
• PlanGrid should continue to work during this downtime.

[9:55 a.m. EST | Sept. 7]
Logistics Update:
• FedEx has suspended their pick up operations in the local St. Petersburg area on Friday, Sept. 8, therefore Logistics will not be printing or mailing any documents from the GRID on Friday. Additionally, Logistics will not be operating on Monday, Sept. 11, if the GRID has not reopened.
• Stay tuned for further updates on FedEx capabilities in the St. Petersburg area. Logistics plans to be available with normal functions and printing (including 1-day shipping to job sites) next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

[3:43 p.m. EST | Sept. 6]
Office Closing:
• The GRID will close at noon on Friday and all buildings will lock down at 5 p.m.
• At this time, it is too early to determine the hurricane’s impact on local operations for Monday, but we’ll let you know when we plan to reopen.

I.T. Updates
• All I.T. infrastructure and applications (including email, Oracle, Share drives, applications, phones and network connectivity) will be offline from noon on Friday through Monday (or Tuesday morning pending weather). Egnyte online file sharing will be available.
Note: Office phones will not work during this downtime, and “forward to cell” will also be down. Please make sure your customers have your cell phone in the event that email or other systems go down due to the storm.